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 PlaqPro™ – The Benefits

Who really enjoys a trip to the Dentist? Can’t see many hands out there. By using PlaqPro™ you can make your next visit fantastic. PlaqPro™ helps you find and clean all of your plaque – even the hidden bits – which therefore helps you avoid major dental problems. This means your next check up can be a breeze. Aside from giving you the chance to discover what it’s like to chat with your Dentist without his fingers in your mouth, PlaqPro™ has a few other benefits we thought you should know about:

1) Remove the Plaque, Prevent Decay

Plaque is the primary enemy when it comes to dental complications. PlaqPro™ shows you exactly where your hidden bits of plaque are so you can be completely plaque free after every brush (see how to use PlaqPro™ here). As every Dentist will tell you, remove the plaque and you will prevent decay and other awful problems.

2) Re-Learn How to Brush

A major reason plaque gets left behind is inadequate brushing technique. PlaqPro™, will identify the areas you miss and help you correct your technique so you can clean properly the first time. Over time, you will be amazed at how much better your brushing has become.

3) Massive Boost to Oral Health

Consistent and regular use of PlaqPro™ will over time improve every oral health indicator. On top of preventing decay, living plaque free will help avoid gum disease and other complicated infections as well as dramatically improve the colour of your teeth and resolve problems with your breath.

4) Avoid Dental Disasters and Save

With no cavities, or other dental disasters, your regular trip to the Dentist will hurt your hip pocket A LOT less. You can now buy your Dentist that Christmas gift you’ve been planning for so long!!

Welcome to the PlaqPro Store. You are only a few clicks from living plaque free.