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The Toothbrush That Shines

The Toothbrush That Shines The big trouble with plaque is that it is tooth coloured and difficult to see. Wouldn’t it be great if you could actually see the plaque and know exactly where to brush? Almost forty years ago my friend Prof. Barrie Gillings had a brilliant...

Gum Disease & How to Fix It

Gum Disease and How to Fix It Most people lose teeth through gum disease than tooth decay. The best way to treat it is early on. What is gum disease? The most common form is gingivitis with the edges of the gums looking red and puffy. Occasionally they will be tender...
Oral Health Report: Decay Getting Out of Hand

Oral Health Report: Decay Getting Out of Hand

A new national study commissioned by Colgate into tooth decay has revealed alarming statistics about the state of our teeth, according to dental industry mag, Bite Magazine. Underlined by an increase in the incidence of decay in adults and children, the study shows a...

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