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Plaque fluorescing, thanks to Plaqpro's Fluorescein, under exposure to the UV light in the PlaqFinda brush

Plaque fluorescing, thanks to Plaqpro’s Fluorescein, under exposure to the UV light in the PlaqFinda brush


Fluorescein – What The?

Combined with the regular fluoride toothpaste in PlaqPro™, fluorescein provides the plaque disclosing function that sets PlaqPro™ apart from all other toothpastes on the market. Fluorescein is widely used in the medical, dental and scientific research sectors to assist in finding hidden bacteria. If you have watched a show like CSI, Bones or NCIS you will see Fluorescien in action almost every episode as the good guys use a UV light to find blood or other body fluids that the baddies cleaned up, but forgot to disinfect. Oh but for a bottle of Pine-O Cleen!! Unlike other plaque disclosing treatments Dentists may use, the Fluorescein in PlaqPro™ will not leave any unsightly and embarrassing stains in your mouth or on your clothes. After normal rinsing, you will see no evidence of the Fluorescein. But when exposed to the blue light found in the tip of the PlaqFinda toothbrush, Fluorescein becomes the hero of PlaqPro™ as it exposes any remaining plaque for removal, or confirms that your teeth are plaque-free.

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