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Introducing PlaqPro™. Love Your Teeth!

_MG_0003PlaqPro™ is a huge leap forward in the fight against dental plaque, the single greatest cause of all oral hygiene problems. PlaqPro™ provides a simple and effective solution to removing all plaque and living plaque-free. Through regular use, PlaqPro™ will improve all dental health indicators, from preventing decay to improving breath and let you show your teeth the love they deserve.

A Simple Solution

Above all, PlaqPro™ is a simple solution to a critical problem. Our three basic steps to cleaner teeth, healthier gums and fresher breath are child’s play, and easily fit into your current brushing and flossing routine. But don’t be fooled by the simplicity. To develop PlaqPro™ we worked closely with Dentists to combine professional techniques and make them available for the public. Using PlaqPro™ is almost like having a professional clean at home. At the very least, you will be using techniques Dentists do to give your teeth the perfect clean.


Welcome to the PlaqPro Store. You are only a few clicks from living plaque free.