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Are You Missing Something?

before&after_finalPlaqPro™ is vital to your oral health because the plaque most people miss when brushing is invisible. This missed plaque can quickly build up and begin the process that leads to decay, gum disease or worse. While you might think your teeth look and feel clean, the reality could be very different.

PlaqPro™ combines fluoride toothpaste and a plaque disclosing agent used widely by Dentists, that when in contact with plaque and exposed to UV light turns the plaque a bright fluorescent colour, making it much easier to see where you have missed and therefore target your brushing to remove all plaque.

To help this process, PlaqPro™’s system includes a built in UV light to the tip of the PlaqFinda brush, which you shine on your teeth after brushing. This process will also highlight poor brushing technique, which may be the cause of the plaque you are missing.

You’ll be amazed at the love your teeth give back to you when you use PlaqPro™ to keep them truly clean.


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