C'mon Kids, Say G'day to Busta!

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Busta the Plaqinator - friendly to kids, but the enemy of plaque

Busta the Plaqinator™ – friendly to kids, but the enemy of plaque

Destroy the Plaque, Protect Your Teeth

PlaqPro™ is perfect for *kids who want to have healthy teeth and gums. That’s because PlaqPro™ can show kids where they’ve missed the nasty plaque that wants to weaken their teeth and infect their gums with germs. To help kids become plaque-free, we created Busta the Plaqinator™, a friendly plaque destroying robot whose mission is to save kids from the pain and embarrassment of unhealthy teeth and gums. Busta knows that a Dentist visit can be pretty scary for most kids (and lots of adults, too), which is why he wants to help kids find the plaque they are missing.  If he can help them find, and get rid of the plaque, then their visits to the Dentist will be a lot more fun, and his mission will be accomplished. Busta is also in charge of creating games and other fun and informative stuff for PlaqPro™ Kids, so stay tuned to this page as Busta does his thing to help Australian kids learn how to be plaque-free and stay that way.

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