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What To Expect From PlaqPro™

PlaqPro™ is a simple system for removing hidden or invisible plaque that your regular brushing missed. Using PlaqPro™ is child’s play, requiring nothing more than your normal brushing and flossing routine. It’s as easy as three simple steps.

The Three Simple PlaqPro Steps to Plaque Freedom. Child's Play!!!

The Three Simple PlaqPro Steps to Plaque Freedom. Child’s Play!!!

Brush. Rinse. Shine. Brush. Firstly, choose whether you want to use the fresh green mint or tropical orange flavour. Then place the normal amount of  PlaqPro™ on the PlaqFinda toothbrush and brush away. Remember, lots of circular strokes, relax your mouth to reach the back teeth, and give it at least 2 minutes. Your lather will probably be fluoro yellow, but that’s OK, it’s the plaque highlighting ingredient taking effect. Rinse. Ummm….rinse? With water, preferably. Keep an eye out for the fluoro spit, it’s kinda cool, but totally normal. It’s just billions of bacteria  going down the drain. Exactly where they should be. Shine. Here’s where the fun starts. The tip of your PlaqFinda brush has a UV light built in. Now shine this light on your teeth so that you can see as many surfaces as possible. If there is any plaque missed, it will fluoresce and be clearly visible. It may only be small amounts, or it may even be nothing. If there is nothing, congratulations, you’re plaque-free. But if you see plaque, you know your brushing has been inadequate. Now you can rebrush the effected areas and be plaque-free.


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